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10 Ways That You Can Show Your Employees Gratitude

Many people’s work environments look a little (or maybe, a lot) different than years past, and it’s definitely been an adjustment working from home instead of in the office. Employees have been working extremely hard to get used to this new way of work, and have been such great sports in going with the flow.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the perfect time to show your employees gratitude. It’s important to show that you, as a leader, see the hard work your employees are putting in, and thank them for all that they do. From sending a nice email to hosting a fun virtual event, here are 10 ways that you can show your employees gratitude this holiday season:

  1. Send a Nice Email

One of the easiest ways to show your employees gratitude is to simply send them a nice email. Tell them that you notice their hard work, and appreciate the time and effort that they’re putting in each day.

  1. Write a “Thank You” Note

Not only is a handwritten “thank you” note a nice gesture, but it makes your, “thank you”, feel personal. Though this method of showing gratitude may take a little more work than other methods, your employees will truly appreciate it.

  1. Give a Shoutout on LinkedIn

If you notice that one of your employees is going above and beyond during work, why not give them a shoutout on LinkedIn. You could even shoutout someone monthly and feature a different employee each time. 

  1. Host a Fun Virtual Event

Show your employees gratitude by hosting a fun virtual event. Choose a Friday where instead of working, you all can virtually get together, and enjoy either a happy hour or cup of coffee.

  1. Create a Company Award

Come up with a company award that you can give to a hardworking employee each month. You can create it virtually and then email it to someone deserving. Even though this is a small gesture, it’s something that your employees will appreciate.  

  1. Buy a Coffee

One simple way to show your appreciation is to send your employees a virtual $5 gift card to a local coffee shop. After all, who doesn’t love coffee?

  1. Acknowledge Hard Work During Meetings

If you notice that an employee is exceeding in their work, acknowledge them during your next company Zoom meeting. Talk about their achievements and thank them for their efforts.

  1. Give Time Off

If your employees are hitting their work goals, consider giving them some time off. Whether it’s a half day off, a whole day, or more, they’ll surely appreciate it.

  1. Make a Video

Record a short 30 second video expressing your gratitude and send it to your employees. Thank them for everything that they do and maybe even point out some of the larger successes the company has recently had.

  1. Say Thank You

Last but certainly not least, a simple but impactful way to show your employees gratitude is to say thank you. Give each employee a quick call during the workday and thank them for everything that they do. “Thank you” may be the two most important words that you can use when expressing your gratitude and appreciation.

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