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5 Ways to Celebrate Success with Your Team

Chances are your office is getting ready for its annual holiday party. This is the one time of year that you all get together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past twelve months, enjoy each other’s company, and bond through bad karaoke.

But celebrating success at work shouldn’t be something that only happens during the holidays. Celebrating success in the workplace should be a regular occurrence, something that happens all year long. Here are five simple ways that you can celebrate workplace success with your team in the year to come.

  1. Take them to lunch

When an individual or team comes in under budget or exceeds their sales goals, take them out to a nice lunch. Use the lunch as a mentorship opportunity, if applicable, or invite someone higher up in the company to make the lunch extra special. Or completely set work aside and simply enjoy a two-hour meal in the middle of a work day.

  1. Pay for a date night

When an employee stays late for a week to meet a tight deadline, show your appreciation by treating her entire family to a bonding experience like a day at a theme park, or offer to pay for a romantic date night. Such a reward not only shows the employee that she is valued, but also shows her family just how proud they should be.

  1. Write a thank you note

Taking the time to hand-write thank you notes can be a thoughtful gesture that many employees will cherish. A simple thank you goes a long way when the hours grow long or tensions grow high. Thank you notes can help employees remember why they love what they do.

  1. Offer a promotion

When someone truly excels at their job, give them the greatest sign of appreciation – a raise and a promotion. Don’t let good work go unrewarded, or that employee will move onto a new company soon enough. Resist the temptation to keep good people in the jobs they have to make your own life easier. Instead, give them the opportunity to grow, and the whole company will grow as a result.

  1. Bring in doughnuts

It may sound silly, but if your team has to stay after-hours or if they do a great job on a project, no matter how small, ordering some pizzas or bringing in a cake can be a fun, delicious surprise that will lift everyone’s spirits and give them a chance to bond. Nothing brings people together like good food.

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