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Assessment Tools: Helping Employees Reach Their Highest Potential

When you hire an employee for a specific role or promote an employee to a job you think will be a good fit for them, in most cases you’re working off of your gut instincts. If the person is a new hire, you have their resume, you have their references, and you have your first impressions, but that’s really all you have to go on. If the employee is someone who already works for you, you have a much better idea of who they are, but you still can’t be sure how well they will do in a new role.

Super workers often get promoted to supervisors, but that is not always the best choice. Often great workers don’t have the skills to be supervisors, and they’re ultimately uncomfortable in the position they’re promoted to.

So what can you do to ensure that you get the right employees into the right jobs?

In the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2012 Employee Satisfaction Survey, SHRM listed the top five factors affecting employee job satisfaction. Those factors are:

Opportunities to use one’s skills or abilities

Job security


Strong communication between employees and senior management

Positive relationship with immediate supervisor

Note that compensation falls third on the list. In general, people would rather do jobs that utilize their skills and abilities than jobs that pay more. In the case of your business, this may mean that your top software engineer would rather remain in an engineering-based position than move over to a supervisory role, even if that role is higher paid.

In order to get your employees into positions that they will be most effective and happy in, you must have a solid understanding of your workers’ skills and abilities, but how can you ensure that your employees’ top skills are being utilized? What’s the best way to identify their strengths and potential vulnerabilities? How can you reorganize your staff in a way that promotes strong communication and a positive company culture?

At Level Up Leadership, we help all types of companies find the answers to these questions through our unique approach to assessment services. Using our innovative assessment tools, you can get profiles on each of your employees, giving you the necessary information to task your workers with responsibilities and goals appropriate to their skill sets. By getting a better understanding of your employees’ strengths, you’ll be prepared to improve employee satisfaction as well as productivity, culture, and your bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can identify your employees’ top skills and align them with roles that lead to mutual success, contact us to discuss our assessments.

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