Better Hires

We use the Compass Suite of Personal Assessments to help C-suite executives, human resource professionals and hiring managers make more informed hiring decisions.

Too many companies make hiring decisions based on gut feelings. This allows implicit bias to dictate which candidates rise to the top. With our pre-hire assessments, you can look past first impressions and puffed up resumes to find candidates who will bring the greatest level of talent and commitment to the job at hand.

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Reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people the first-time around


Strengthen workplace culture by valuing skill sets and attitude, not just experience


Improve the diversity of your workforce with fairer hiring practices


Save time and money while cultivating long-term personnel assets

Consider the Numbers

  • One third of new employees quit their jobs within six months
  • Hiring engaged employees will help you outperform companies with disengaged employees by over 200%
  • Engaged and thriving employees who love their jobs are 59% less likely to look for new jobs
  • Employee happiness is more strongly linked to how hires relate to their co-workers than their boss

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