Level Up Leadership

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Gratitude

The health benefits of gratitude are well documented by a wide variety of studies. Focusing on negativity negatively (no surprise here) hurts your health, discourages healing, and can isolate you emotionally.A positive outlook, on the other hand, can help you live a fuller life with more confidence and greater joy. Here are just a few…

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Does Your Company have an Ongoing Employee Recognition Program?

Starting an employee recognition program can be a bit of a tricky business. In the best cases, a recognition program can help significantly boost morale and engagement in your office. With a minimal upfront cost, you can actually boost your bottom line while fostering a happier, more productive, and emotionally healthier work environment.  In the…

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5 Sincere Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Employees

Saying thanks to employees doesn’t have to be a complicated business. As the boss, expressing gratitude at work is part of your job, and you should make a habit of it. How exactly you express gratitude is up to you, and it should be personal to your style and your office. That said, here are…

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Setting Organizational Goals
Getting Your Employees on Board with Organizational Goals

As Jim Clifton noted in a recent episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat Podcast (which, if you don’t already listen to it, we highly recommend), just a few generations ago, the American Dream was to get married, have kids, and own a home, all of which required a well-paying job. But it didn’t actually matter what…

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Motivating Employees with Goals
Effective Goal Setting Motivates Employees

We human beings are naturally goal setting all the time. “Today, I’m going to close two sales.” “This week, I’m going to go to three networking events.” We’re great at coming up with good ideas that will benefit ourselves. What we’re really bad at is following through on our goal planning. That’s where a great…

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hiring assessments
4 Pitfalls of Hiring without Assessments

Hiring assessments are one of the most effective tools at ensuring that the people you hire will be a good fit with your company, with their manager and team, and that they’ll actually be engaged in the work that they’re hired to do. While it can be tempting to rush the hiring process and skip…

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pre-employment assessments
What Role do Pre-Employment Assessments Play in the Hiring Process?

Hiring the wrong people is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make, and yet companies routinely rush the hiring process and simply deal with the high turnover rates that ensue. This vicious cycle leads to low morale, low productivity, and a poor workplace culture. Hiring assessments help break the cycle by reorienting the…

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pre-hiring assessments
What is a Pre-Employment Assessment?

When you have an important vacancy in your office, there can be the temptation to fill the position as quickly as possible, just getting someone in so that your business can keep moving forward. This approach is almost always a mistake, because it leads to people who are poor fits not just with the position…

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better work life balance
Achieving Better Work-Life Balance as a Leader

As a manager, executive, or the head of your own business, it can sometimes feel impossible to separate yourself from work and find time for you. If you’re a parent or caregiver, the challenge only gets worse, as time spent outside of the office is rarely time spent on yourself. If worklife balance is something…

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