Employee Engagement

What are the 3 Skills a Situational Leader Must Have?

Developed by Ken Blanchard, Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is one of the most highly regarded and widely used leadership strategies in the business world. It is a leadership model for adapting one’s style in order to get the best performance out of a given employee with a given goal or directive. Business leaders have a…

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The Big Benefits of Situational Leadership® II

Developed by Ken Blanchard, Situational Leadership® II has become one of the most widely used leadership models in the world because it helps improve employee engagement and increase employee retention. The basic principal behind SLII® is simple: different situations call for different types of leadership, even with the same employee. And it makes a lot…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Success with Your Team

Chances are your office is getting ready for its annual holiday party. This is the one time of year that you all get together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past twelve months, enjoy each other’s company, and bond through bad karaoke. But celebrating success at work shouldn’t be something that only happens during the…

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The Mental and Emotional Health Benefits of Gratitude

The health benefits of gratitude are well documented by a wide variety of studies (as well as common sense). Negativity is bad for you. It actually hurts your health, discourages healing, and can isolate you emotionally. A positive outlook, on the other hand, can help you live a fuller life with more confidence and greater…

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5 Easy Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work

Expressing gratitude at work has been shown to improve the outlook, productivity, and even the health of the person expressing the gratitude as well as the person receiving it. Turning daily gratitude into a practice is an easy way to help your team feel more cohesive, more energized, and more appreciated. Perhaps the best thing…

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vacation statistics
Are These 5 Employee Vacation Statistics Surprising?

The summer is finally here! That means vacation, right? Maybe not… You might be surprised to learn that while we here in America claim to love our summer breaks, employee vacation statistics tell a different story. Compared to other top economies throughout the world, we have some of the most restrictive policies about vacation out…

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Motivating Your Employees
Adding Key Employee Motivators to Your Workplace Culture

A great deal of fascinating research has been done on what motivates people. Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of needs, which was later expanded by Richard Barrett. Daniel Pink goes into the details of this hierarchy in his excellent video, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Effectively motivating your employees is never as simple…

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Engagement and Its Role in Effective Workplace Goal Setting

Goal planning in the workplace often feels like an obligitory process that gets forgotten by February. Everyone takes fifteen minutes to jot down a few goals and email them to their manager without really thinking through what they actually want to achieve, either personally or professionally. Part of the problem is that real goal setting…

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Thanking Employees
Want Your Employees to Be Happier? Express Gratitude!

Have you ever received a thank you card that didn’t put a smile on your face?  It’s human nature – we all like to be recognized for the things that we do. Recognition and gratitude make us feel like our actions have significantly more meaning and weight than they would if no one were paying…

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