Employee Engagement

Motivating Your Employees
Adding Key Employee Motivators to Your Workplace Culture

A great deal of fascinating research has been done on what motivates people. Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of needs, which was later expanded by Richard Barrett. Daniel Pink goes into the details of this hierarchy in his excellent video, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Effectively motivating your employees is never as simple…

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Engagement and Its Role in Effective Workplace Goal Setting

Goal planning in the workplace often feels like an obligitory process that gets forgotten by February. Everyone takes fifteen minutes to jot down a few goals and email them to their manager without really thinking through what they actually want to achieve, either personally or professionally. Part of the problem is that real goal setting…

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Thanking Employees
Want Your Employees to Be Happier? Express Gratitude!

Have you ever received a thank you card that didn’t put a smile on your face?  It’s human nature – we all like to be recognized for the things that we do. Recognition and gratitude make us feel like our actions have significantly more meaning and weight than they would if no one were paying…

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Performance Based Recognition
Giving Thanks With Performance-Based Recognition

Recognizing employees for their accomplishments is something that every business instinctively knows they should be doing, but very few make employee recognition a fundamental part of their business structure. Employee recognition should be as crucial to your business model as sales numbers and excellent customer service, because effective employee recognition is what fosters loyalty, productivity,…

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expressing gratitiude at work
Simple Ways You Can Create a Culture of Gratitude

Studies on employees in different age categories have routinely found more commonalities than differences. One study in particular found that Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials all highly value inspirational leadership. Inspirational leaders are creative, they command respect, and they know how to express gratitude. Improving Company Culture with Gratitude If you’re looking for ways…

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finding purpose at work
Career Goals Employees of All Generations Value

Finding meaning in your work isn’t a concern only for younger generations. A recent study done by the IBM Institute for Business Value looked at career goals for Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers and found an incredible amount of overlap amongst the generations. While many people believe that finding your passion at work is…

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Finding Meaning In Your Work
The Importance of Meaning and Purpose

Finding meaning in your work isn’t simply a nice perk. People who do a job simply because it pays the bills are generally much more disengaged than people who actively connect with the work that they are doing and who take pride in the results. Work that has no meaning or purpose feels like a…

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individualizing onboarding process
Individualizing the Onboarding Process

Effective employee onboarding is usually a one-size-fits-all experience. It is important to have a standard process for training and welcoming new employees, but once you have that standard in place, don’t overlook opportunities for individualizing employee onboarding. Making the experience as personal as possible helps new employees feel even more welcome and valued. Here are…

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employee onboarding
What Do New Employees Really Want on Their First Day of Work?

A recent survey about employee onboarding offers quite a bit of information from the employee perspective. The survey looked at feedback from over 1,000 new hires in 2014, and the results are summarized in this infographic. Here are some of the most pertinent findings: More than anything else, 76% of new hires feel that on-the-job…

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employee onboarding mistakes
Avoid these Top Onboarding Mistakes

Every company makes employee onboarding mistakes at one time or another. It can be very hard to make sure that the process goes smoothly every time, particularly without an effective onboarding timeline in place. Whatever your strategy is for welcoming and training new employees, try your best to avoid these common employee onboarding errors. Not…

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