Employee Engagement

individualizing onboarding process
Individualizing the Onboarding Process

Effective employee onboarding is usually a one-size-fits-all experience. It is important to have a standard process for training and welcoming new employees, but once you have that standard in place, don’t overlook opportunities for individualizing employee onboarding. Making the experience as personal as possible helps new employees feel even more welcome and valued. Here are…

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employee onboarding
What Do New Employees Really Want on Their First Day of Work?

A recent survey about employee onboarding offers quite a bit of information from the employee perspective. The survey looked at feedback from over 1,000 new hires in 2014, and the results are summarized in this infographic. Here are some of the most pertinent findings: More than anything else, 76% of new hires feel that on-the-job…

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employee onboarding mistakes
Avoid these Top Onboarding Mistakes

Every company makes employee onboarding mistakes at one time or another. It can be very hard to make sure that the process goes smoothly every time, particularly without an effective onboarding timeline in place. Whatever your strategy is for welcoming and training new employees, try your best to avoid these common employee onboarding errors. Not…

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employee onboarding timeline
Creating an Effective Timeline for Employee Onboarding

Finding the perfect new employee to bring into your company is an exciting experience. But that excitement can quickly turn to disaster if you don’t have a solid onboarding process in place. Small companies in particular tend to make the mistake of just “winging it” when it comes to onboarding. This can result in new…

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Part One: 3 Steps to Stop Initiative Killers and Create Better Culture

Last month, we focused on four leadership behaviors that can kill initiative in the workplace. Those behaviors are micro-management, a short-term focus, excessive bureaucracy, and a dictatorial style. These four problems are prevalent in a number of workplaces, but leaders often seem unaware of or unable to change their behavior. This month, we’d like to…

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Does Your Workplace Culture Support or Hinder Initiative?

A Gallup study has shown that only 13% of employees around the world feel actively engaged at work. Unfortunately, more than twice that number feels so disengaged that they are likely to spread their negative attitude to other co-workers. To stop this, employers must take strides to engage their employees.  Engaging employees begins with creating…

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3 Tips for Motivating Employees and Driving Initiative

We recently discovered this RSA Animate video adapted from a talk given by Dan Pink at the RSA. In it, Pink discusses the three most important factors for motivating employees in the workplace. Interestingly, money is not one of them. Pink explains that a monetary incentive program can actually be counterproductive in a variety of…

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Employee Appreciation in 5 Easy Steps

Thanksgiving is a time for showing appreciation to the people who matter most. Take time out this Thanksgiving to express your gratitude not just to your friends and family, but to your employees as well. Showing employees appreciation is essential to a positive workplace culture, so if you’ve been lagging a little bit in the…

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The Secret to Increased Loyalty and Productivity is Passion

It’s no secret that employees who are the most loyal and the most productive are those employees who are passionate about what they’re doing. Work is what we spend nearly half of our waking hours on. Work tends to take over most people’s lives, and there’s a reason they call it “work.” It’s challenging, it’s…

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