Employee Demands are Changing – Is Your Leadership Ready?

Fifty years ago, the main thing that employees expected from a job was a paycheck. People were told that they should get the best paying job they could, and that was that. But times have changed. The modern employee realizes that a job with better pay isn’t always the job that’s best for the individual.…

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The Importance of Connecting with Your Employees

Not everyone has to be best friends at your workplace, but the better people get along with each other, and – perhaps even more importantly – the more people respect each other, the better your office will function. Employee satisfaction is a multi-faceted beast. It involves satisfaction from the work itself, satisfaction from the effect…

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Does Your Company have an Ongoing Employee Recognition Program?

Starting an employee recognition program can be a bit of a tricky business. In the best cases, a recognition program can help significantly boost morale and engagement in your office. With a minimal upfront cost, you can actually boost your bottom line while fostering a happier, more productive, and emotionally healthier work environment.  In the…

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5 Sincere Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Employees

Saying thanks to employees doesn’t have to be a complicated business. As the boss, expressing gratitude at work is part of your job, and you should make a habit of it. How exactly you express gratitude is up to you, and it should be personal to your style and your office. That said, here are…

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better work life balance
Achieving Better Work-Life Balance as a Leader

As a manager, executive, or the head of your own business, it can sometimes feel impossible to separate yourself from work and find time for you. If you’re a parent or caregiver, the challenge only gets worse, as time spent outside of the office is rarely time spent on yourself. If worklife balance is something…

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empathy in the workplace
Is Empathy in the Workplace Important?

A study conducted in 2018 found that 96% of employees think it is important for their employers to demonstrate empathy, but 92% of employees believe that empathy is undervalued in their workplace. Is empathy as important as people in the workplace seem to think, and if so, what impact does empathy have on the success…

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Self Aware Leaders
7 Characteristics of a Self-Aware Leader

It is virtually impossible to be an effective leader without a substantial level of self-awareness. Self-aware leaders have the ability to adjust their approach and style to different situations, because they have the ability to see their impact on others, for better and for worse. Self-awareness at work can be a difficult skill to master,…

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Self Aware Leader
Why is Self-Awareness Important as a Leader?

When making a list of the most important qualities for a leader to have, you might include a strong moral compass, organizational skills, and the ability to communicate clearly. But according to the experts, the quality that should be at the top of the list isn’t any of those obvious characteristics. The most important capability…

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