Professional Development

professional development for leaders
The Real Cost of Poor Leadership

The leaders in your organization have probably had a certain way of doing things for quite some time. They (and perhaps you) are set in their ways, which you’ve always seen as fine, because the work gets done. But leadership is a muscle that requires stretching and training. If you simply accept your leadership practices…

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Here’s to You!

2015 is drawing to a close. That means it’s time to look back over the year and see just how much you’ve accomplished. Look over the projects you’ve completed, the places you’ve gone, the people you’ve met, and gain a better perspective on the year. You just might be surprised at just how much you’ve…

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Gratitude at Work
Making Gratitude a Habit

The most successful people are inevitably the people who understand that they couldn’t have achieved their successes on their own. Successful people are grateful to the role models who came before them, the mentors who coached them, the employees who helped them see their vision through, and the friends and family who supported them along…

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Thanking Employees
Want Your Employees to Be Happier? Express Gratitude!

Have you ever received a thank you card that didn’t put a smile on your face?  It’s human nature – we all like to be recognized for the things that we do. Recognition and gratitude make us feel like our actions have significantly more meaning and weight than they would if no one were paying…

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finding purpose at work
Career Goals Employees of All Generations Value

Finding meaning in your work isn’t a concern only for younger generations. A recent study done by the IBM Institute for Business Value looked at career goals for Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers and found an incredible amount of overlap amongst the generations. While many people believe that finding your passion at work is…

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Finding Meaning In Your Work
The Importance of Meaning and Purpose

Finding meaning in your work isn’t simply a nice perk. People who do a job simply because it pays the bills are generally much more disengaged than people who actively connect with the work that they are doing and who take pride in the results. Work that has no meaning or purpose feels like a…

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leadership training
Exploring the Possibility of Leadership Training

Ongoing professional training and education is essential to good leadership. Many leaders tend to feel like continuing education is either no longer necessary or too much of a time commitment for their busy professional lives, but there are a wide variety of leadership learning opportunities that can be extremely beneficial regardless of your current level…

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benefits of professional mentorship
The Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

As you move your career forward, you’ll likely find yourself getting better and better at your job. You’ll learn more about yourself — how you manage people best, how you work best, and what type of work you’re most interested in. You’ll also start to think more about the future. You’ll start to think about…

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3 Steps toward Powerful Professional Change

Countless books exhort leadership skills in the workplace. They go on and on about different styles of leadership, the key qualities of a leader, and steps to becoming a better leader. All these books can be useful tools, but at the end of the day, the most valuable knowledge you can have about leadership is…

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Cultivate Passion and Success by Finding Your Purpose

Take a moment to think about the people in your life who you respect professionally. Think about people who have done well in their jobs in a manner that you would like to emulate. How many of those people love the work that they’re doing? Chances are almost all of them do. The people who…

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