Professional Development

Where is Your Team Going?

Imagine you’re holding a map. You know from the map where you are, and there are roads pointing in every direction. You’re pretty sure some roads will take you back where you came from, and you think a few other roads might take you where you want to go. Now imagine everyone in your company…

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Give Thanks and Build a Stronger Team

There are a number of team development practices that you can use to help unite your staff and generate the most success for your organization.  With the holidays right around the corner, the practice I’d like to focus on today is gratitude. Take notice that I called gratitude a practice, not an act or emotion.…

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Reasons Your Super Worker May Not Be a Great Supervisor

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is assuming that a great worker will make a great leader. All too often, it feels only natural that a person who is the best employee amongst their peer group should be promoted to a leadership position, but super workers don’t always make the best supervisors.…

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