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Does Your Workplace Culture Support or Hinder Initiative?

A Gallup study has shown that only 13% of employees around the world feel actively engaged at work. Unfortunately, more than twice that number feels so disengaged that they are likely to spread their negative attitude to other co-workers. To stop this, employers must take strides to engage their employees.  Engaging employees begins with creating a positive workplace culture where people feel that they are included and a valuable member of the team.

A recent Entrepreneur article discussed how a feeling of inclusion can lead directly to innovation and initiative in the workplace. According to the article, a sense of inclusion relies on both the feeling of belongingness and uniqueness. What that means is that employees must feel like they are part of a united work culture, but also that their role within that culture is unique and special.

Employees who feel like they are just one of many, like they don’t have a chance for their voice to be heard, are unlikely to feel engaged by their work. Likewise, people who feel alienated, like they don’t have a chance to be appreciated for what they bring, or worse, that their voices are being squashed, will also feel disengaged.

Encourage Initiative, Cultivate Purpose

Creating a sense of inclusion isn’t a simple task, but it starts with creating an environment where employees both feel that they have a sense of purpose and where they are encouraged to take initiative. Taking initiative at work can be a scary endeavor if the culture does not promote and encourage new ideas and new voices. Listening to employees and giving them regular opportunities to show their initiative is essential to inspiring engagement throughout the workplace.

Employee assessments can help determine where engagement is lacking and what factors might be standing in the way. With a solid understanding of where your employees stand and what would help them move forward, your business can find new ways to inspire, motivate, and engage your employees. Remember, engagement is essential to business success, as disengaged employees cost US companies billions of dollars every year. Make sure that your work culture inspires engagement and initiative with comprehensive employee assessments.

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