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Employee Appreciation in 5 Easy Steps

Thanksgiving is a time for showing appreciation to the people who matter most. Take time out this Thanksgiving to express your gratitude not just to your friends and family, but to your employees as well. Showing employees appreciation is essential to a positive workplace culture, so if you’ve been lagging a little bit in the gratitude department, here are five suggestions for showing your employees just how much they mean to you and your organization.

  1. Take care of your employees before your customers.

The customer is king, that’s true. But you’re not going to attract any customers if your employees are disengaged and unhappy with their jobs. Marriott works under the philosophy that if you take care of your associates, they will take care of your customers. This way of thinking has fostered an excellent company culture within the hotel powerhouse, and also been excellent for their bottom line.

  1. Help new hires feel at home from their very first day.

Appreciation should start on day one. Make sure that all of your new hires receive the training they need as well as ample opportunities to get to know other coworkers and become an important part of your workplace family. The more effectively you can help your employees feel like part of the team, the better your retention rates will be, improving both morale and profits.

  1. Make sure every employee has a career path.

Whether they work in the mailroom or are your top programmer, every one of your employees needs to feel like they have room to grow within your organization. Show your appreciation not just for the work that they do but for their personal goals by giving your employees opportunities to expand their skills, take on more responsibilities, and share their talents with your organization.

  1. Focus on workplace culture.

One of the most important ways to show your gratitude to employees is by ensuring that their work environment is constructive, supportive, and enjoyable. Find out what matters most to your employees and work with them to create a work environment that embodies the values of your company.

  1. Make sure your leaders are expressing their gratitude whenever they can.

Employee happiness hinges on a fair salary, a sense of purpose, and the feeling that the work they’re doing isn’t going unnoticed. Make sure that you and your top executives acknowledge a job well done at every turn. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but treat your employees like people. By appreciating their work and acknowledging the sacrifices and efforts they’ve made, you can create a more positive work environment that will translate directly to better customer service, higher retention rates, and an improved bottom line.

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