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It’s Hiring Time! Are You Interviewing Qualified Candidates?

The global economy is on the rise, and as a result many businesses are looking to hire new employees in 2015.

As your business begins the process of searching out the best and the brightest new recruits, take a moment to consider the effects that new hires can have on your business. In general, bringing in new people means that your business is doing well, confidence is up, and you feel good about the people you have in place right now. However, hiring new employees can also feel threatening to your current workers, and new hires can end up be a big burden on both morale and your bottom line if they don’t turn out to be a good fit.

This year, make sure that you’re only hiring qualified employees by taking the time to assess your hiring process.

All too often, HR departments focus on finding people who match a specific list of skills. As soon as they find someone who’s a solid match, they bring them in for an interview, decide in the room whether or not they seem like a nice enough person, then throw enough money at them to make sure they come work for you and not your competitor. This process is arcane and has led countless companies in the wrong direction.

First of all, skills are only part of what you’re looking for in a qualified employee. Potential employees need to fill a certain hole in your business, but they also need to be a good fit with your company values and goals. An accountant who works for a hedge fund and one who works for a local nonprofit may have the same skills, but they’re likely to be extremely different people.

Using pre hire assessments can help your human resources department look beyond skills to the factors that will determine whether or not a potential employee will thrive within your business environment. Remember that skills can always be taught, but personality traits and core values are unchangeable. If you find a person who is an excellent fit in terms of character, intelligence, and integrity, it may be worthwhile to train that person in the skills they’re lacking rather than look for someone who meets all of your technical demands but isn’t likely to make a good fit with your team.

It’s also important to remember that salary should not be the most important factor to you or your new hires. Employee assessments can help you determine which potential employees will have the best attitudes, work hardest, and mesh the best with your current employees. Remember that the top employee at another company might be the worst employee at your company. Look for people who make the best match, not the people you can get at the best price.

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