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Leaders, Incite Excitement with Clear Communication of Your Vision

Clearly communicating your company purpose is an important part of motivating your employees. If your employees don’t have a strong understanding of what exactly they’re working toward, they’ll be less enthusiastic about their work, won’t give it their whole attention, and company morale will suffer. Simply expressing your mission statement to your employees isn’t enough. To really motivate the best work out of your team, you need to be able to communicate both what your company vision is and what your employee’s role is within that vision.

According to a recent study, only 23% of employees feel that their leaders communicate their vision clearly and consistently. That means the vast majority of people in the workforce don’t feel connected to the work that they’re doing. Imagine how much more productive your business would be if all the people who work for you had a strong understanding of your goals and the passion to see those goals through to completion.

Here are a few tips to help you with communicating your vision and, at the same time, motivating your employees.

1. Figure out where you stand.

First things first, you need to have an understanding of what your employees feel they are contributing to the business. It may be that they think there personal goals have nothing to do with the companies goals. Try taking an anonymous survey to get a sense of what your employees understand the company vision to be and whether they feel connected to that vision. Once you know where you’re at, you’ll be better equipped to move forward with communicating your vision clearly.

2. Keep your message straightforward and consistent.

Your vision statement should be written out and accessible to all of your employees. They should know what your company stands for and what you’re working toward. Beyond this, vision should be a part of your company’s goals and day-to-day practices. Make it a part of your management style to not just dole out tasks but to share your reasoning for how specific tasks affect the company’s larger goals.

3. Use positive reinforcement whenever possible.

Communicating your vision is about more than just reciting your mission statement. Your employees should be rewarded when they do good work that helps push the company forward. Make sure that people under you feel motivated to give their best to the company by offering them recognition and acknowledgment whenever appropriate. Figure out what your employees care about most, whether it be a special bonus or a fancy dinner. Make your rewards personal and meaningful in order to help keep your team on target.

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