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Strategic Planning: Getting the Right People on Board

strategic planning for hiring

As the leaves begin to change and temperatures drop, your company is likely in the midst of many strategic planning meetings. October is the time for reviewing the past year, setting new goals, and looking for ways to improve company policies and operations. One topic that often gets overlooked in such discussions is strategic planning for hiring. Hiring may not seem like a process that needs to be reassessed each year, but if you consider that your company is only as good as the people it employs, hiring should be at or near the top of any strategic planning agenda.

Strategic planning and hiring come together in the assessment process. Many companies still rely on gut feelings and brief interviews to figure out who might be the best fit for any given position. This leaves to chance many important hiring considerations, such as the character of the new hire (not just their ability to make a good first impression), their sense of judgment (not just a list of past accomplishments), as well as a strong understanding of whether the person’s passions are actually a good fit for the position (not just faux excitement in order to land the job).

Using Assessments to Determine Engagement

Even if you don’t have any roles to fill in the coming months, your organization can use employee assessments to gain an understanding of how engaged your employees are and how well-suited they are to the positions that they are currently in. You may find that a surprising number of your employees don’t feel passionate about the work they’re doing and don’t have a strong sense of connection to your organization. These factors can lead to high levels of turnover, which cost American businesses billions of dollars every year.

Take a look at this assessment excerpt covering the topic of judgment. Using a few simple, short, computer-based tests, you can gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each of your employees, giving you a solid launching pad for which to improve training, adjust company culture, reassign or promote individuals, and (as previously stated) reassess your hiring process.

As your strategic plan takes form, consider how new hire assessments like this can impact your hiring and promotion process, giving your company deeper insights from which to build goals, strategy, and performance

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