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Better Hires + Better Service = Better Customer Experience!

Humans love to complain. There must be something in our nature that makes us this way, because we’re always looking for something to share with our friends and family, and good experiences just aren’t as juicy or exciting. This is true when it comes to personal relationships, politics, and interactions with companies. Did a viral…

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Top 5 Ways a Bad Hire Can Negatively Impact Your Customers

The costs of bad hires are well documented. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has famously estimated that better hiring decisions could have saved his company well over $100 million. In smaller companies, bad hires can threaten the entire business by scaring off customers or bungling deals. Here are five ways that bad hires can have a…

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Are You Heading for Headaches with Bad Hiring Choices?

Companies that use traditional hiring methods often end up regretting some of their hiring decisions within a matter of weeks. Bad hires can hurt a company’s workplace morale, its productivity, and its reputation with clients. It feels like bad hires should be easy to avoid with a bit of intuition, but hiring managers often let…

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