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The Impact Working Virtually Has on Communication

Though there are some companies that are thriving during this time in terms of their communication with one another, there are also many companies struggling to find ways to effectively communicate while working virtually. If you, as a leader, find that you’re having a hard time forming/keeping strong communication habits with your team, you aren’t…

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Strengthen Communication, Strengthen Your Team

Communication in the workplace is important more now than ever before. With many employees making the transition to working at home (62% of all employed adults, to be exact), conversations and meetings that used to take place face-to-face, now are held mainly over the phone, through email, and on Zoom. While some companies are thriving…

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Why Communication in the Workplace is Vital During Times of Change

Being able to openly communicate with your team is one of the most crucial skills that a leader can possess, especially during times of change. Chances are, your company (like most companies) has probably been going through significant changes over the course of the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s vital that your…

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Are You Having these Types of Conversations with Your Employees?

A study a few years back conducted by Harris Poll asked over six hundred managers how comfortable they were giving feedback to employees. Amazingly, 69% of the respondents said that they were uncomfortable communicating with their employees in general – not just while giving feedback. When it came to feedback or criticism that they didn’t…

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