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Understanding the Most Widely Utilized Leadership Models in the World

Employees want the opportunity to grow and excel. In 2016, 87% of Millennials said they felt professional development and/or career growth opportunities were very important to them. Likewise, 76% of employees viewed opportunities for career growth as a top non-financial motivator at work. But career growth is a two-way street. Employees can only learn the…

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5 Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all ability. There are many different types of effective leadership, and one style might be perfectly suited to some managers and completely ineffectual for others. That said, there are certain qualities that seem to remain consistent across all leadership styles. Five key leader characteristics that are effective leaders must possess include: Determination…

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Effective Leadership: An Exploration of the Statistics

Effective leadership. Every company wants it, every company looks for it, tries to train for it, and tries to hire for it. So why do 71% of businesses feel that their leaders are not able to lead their organization into the future? Part of the issue is a leadership skills gap. 10,000 Baby Boomers are…

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