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The Impact Your Employees Have on Customer Satisfaction

In most companies, the people at the top don’t spend a lot of time interacting directly with customers. Executives may set customer service policies and require that their employees follow through, but ultimately it’s up to the employees themselves to ensure that customer service is the best that it can be. So what leads to…

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Happy Employees = Better Bottom Line

Every year, US companies are thrilled to make it on Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. They take out ads, they write press releases, and you can be sure they list that accolade in every one of their job postings. However, these companies aren’t just pleased that they made a…

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5 Things Your Employees Value More than Money

According to Gallup’s report, State of the American Workplace 2010-2012, the average American employee is far from happy at their job. Only 30% of American workers report feeling engaged in their jobs. The other 70% report either feeling not engaged or actively disengaged from their jobs. Employees not engaged with their work hurt productivity and…

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