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Does Your Workplace Culture Support or Hinder Initiative?

A Gallup study has shown that only 13% of employees around the world feel actively engaged at work. Unfortunately, more than twice that number feels so disengaged that they are likely to spread their negative attitude to other co-workers. To stop this, employers must take strides to engage their employees.  Engaging employees begins with creating…

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3 Tips for Motivating Employees and Driving Initiative

We recently discovered this RSA Animate video adapted from a talk given by Dan Pink at the RSA. In it, Pink discusses the three most important factors for motivating employees in the workplace. Interestingly, money is not one of them. Pink explains that a monetary incentive program can actually be counterproductive in a variety of…

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The Three I’s of a Great Leader

When bringing new leaders into your business, it’s important to look for people with the power to change workplace culture for the better. Motivating employees to do and be better is one of the most important aspects of a leader’s role in any business, and accomplished leaders do that with initiative, inspiration, and intuition. Initiative…

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