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The Importance of Celebration in the Workplace

celebration in the workplace

Celebration in the workplace often gets overlooked as unimportant or unproductive. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Celebrating achievements at work is an important part of the productivity cycle. Without taking a moment to celebrate victories both large and small it becomes all too easy to lose sight of what you’re all working towards. Celebration is a chance to take a pause, to reflect on success and revel in your accomplishments.

Here are just three ways that celebration improves the workplace:

  1. Promoting self-esteem

Taking the time to celebrate a person or a team’s accomplishments is a way to show them that they are appreciated, respected, and valued. This kind of recognition from the company goes a long way toward making employees feel more connected to their work.

When someone takes the time to recognize your accomplishments, it helps you gain internal perspective on those accomplishments, realizing just how much you’ve done and just how valuable you are. Being celebrated by others is a key step toward being able to appropriately celebrate yourself.

  1. Promoting a culture of gratitude

Celebrations are a way to say “thank you” to employees. When companies take the time to celebrate good work, whether that means an annual holiday party or a small team dinner whenever a goal is met, that expression of gratitude takes root within the company. People are more likely to show gratitude to one another when they receive gratitude from their superiors. Celebrations essentially create a pay-it-forward situation that helps stimulate cultural gratitude throughout your organization.

  1. Promoting unity

Celebrations are a chance for your team to come together and get to know each other better outside of their work roles. Celebrations have a great way of bringing employees together and helping them feel more united. This camaraderie goes a long way toward boosting company morale. Employees who celebrate together learn to take pride in one another’s work as well as their own, which helps foster loyalty and a sense of purpose within your organization.

So look for ways to celebrate your employees (and yourself!) this holiday season and into 2016. Make a habit of celebrating victories both large and small, both personal and professional, and watch as your company’s morale goes up and up.

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