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The Secret to Increased Loyalty and Productivity is Passion

It’s no secret that employees who are the most loyal and the most productive are those employees who are passionate about what they’re doing.

Work is what we spend nearly half of our waking hours on. Work tends to take over most people’s lives, and there’s a reason they call it “work.” It’s challenging, it’s draining, and if you don’t really love what you’re doing, it can be a major deterrent to your happiness.

However, if you’re able to find a job that suits your skills and interests, work can become one of the most rewarding things in any person’s life. In an ideal corporate environment, every person under your employ should be in a position that matches not only their education level and personal competencies but also their passions and interests.

Fostering Passion in Your Existing Employees

With our employee assessment tools, we frequently help employers identify people who are in positions not ideally suited to their passions and work with them to move those employees into better work situations. In some cases, moving an employee to a different team with people that they care more about may be enough to help foster their passion. For others, creating opportunities for employees to explore their passions within the work environment might be beneficial to both employees and your business.

One great way to help passion spread amongst co-workers is to give employees opportunities to share their passions with one another. Perhaps you have a manager who is working on a project that they’re particularly excited about. Giving them a chance to present their project to their co-workers may help that enthusiasm spread elsewhere in your company.

Discovering Passion in New Hires

Whenever you interview someone, ask them what they’re passionate about. At Level Up Leadership, we use an assessment suite that helps employers identify what applicants are personally passionate about. We’ve discovered seven key motivators that drive most people to excel in different types of work. These include:

1.       The aesthetic driver – a person primarily motivated by promoting balance, harmony, or beauty in the natural world or in the lives of others.

2.       The economic driver – a person primarily motivated by personal security, economic gain, and bottom-line results.

3.       The individualist driver – a person motivated by the need to stand apart from the crowd and be seen as unique and independent.

4.       The political driver – a person who desires to be seen as a leader and to have control over his or her own environment and success.

5.       The altruistic driver – someone who’s driven by the need to do good for others.

6.       The regulatory driver – a person who is motivated to establish order, routine, and structure.

7.       The theoretical driver – someone who’s driven by a need to gain knowledge or discover a higher level of Truth.

Using our assessment services, we help employers understand which drivers their potential hires are most passionate about, helping them match the right person with the right job.  If you can find employees who are both passionate about their individual work and the overall goals of your organization, you’ll not only have an extremely productive company, but a team of employees that are loyal champions of your organization.

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