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The Three I’s of a Great Leader

When bringing new leaders into your business, it’s important to look for people with the power to change workplace culture for the better. Motivating employees to do and be better is one of the most important aspects of a leader’s role in any business, and accomplished leaders do that with initiative, inspiration, and intuition.


Leaders and initiative go hand-in-hand. You can’t run a successful business without a strong sense of initiative flowing throughout your entire employee base, and it must start at the top. Initiative is what pushes us to go beyond what’s expected and raise the bar to a higher level. It’s what separates mediocre companies from those that rise to the top. Initiative in a leader will generate new ideas, new projects, and new paths for success. It also has the tendency to trickle down to the people who follow that person’s example.


A leader who doesn’t have the ability to inspire is no leader at all. Inspiration is at the heart of motivation. It has the ability to generate drive, excitement, and a sense of purpose. When employees lose their focus or become downtrodden about the course of a project, an inspiring leader can help them get back on the right track with the right words and/or the right incentives.

Leaders should also inspire through the example that they set. Ideally, employees will want to do their best to impress their leaders in the hope of earning their respect.


Intuition is something that can’t be taught or properly shown in a resume. It’s a quality that marks a strong leader and which should be screened for in the hiring process, as a strong sense of intuition is invaluable to any business.

While each of these qualities can be hard to show through an interview or a resume, pre-hire assessments can help determine whether a potential hire has essential leadership qualities. Make sure that your next executive position is filled by someone who is not only technically qualified for the job, but who can help take your company to the next level with their strong leadership skills.

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