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What is JUDGEMENTcompass Screening?

JUDGMENTcompass screening

A JUDGEMENTcompass Screening is an assessment administered online in order to help your human resources department make better hiring decisions. Hiring assessments are important tools for evaluating candidates in a way that is fair, methodical, and much more effective than traditional screening processes. The JUDGMENTcompass Screening is usually used early in the hiring process to help identify a pool of candidates who have the necessary Judgment to perform a given job well.

The Three Facets of Judgment

Judgment refers to the way a person thinks rather than how they act. The three primary dimensions of judgment are intuitive, practical, and conceptual judgment.

Intuitive – People with strong intuitive judgment are able to see what is unique in the people, things, and situations they encounter. They have a strong sense of empathy, which often leads to good gut instincts.

Practical – Good practical judgment is associated with problem solving abilities and the ability to identify and weigh alternative options effectively. Common sense is a strong marker of practical judgment.

Conceptual – Conceptual judgment has to do with the ability to prioritize, see the big picture, and work well with authority figures. Strong conceptual judgment is associated with clear planning abilities and a firm sense of right and wrong.

What a JUDGMENTcompass Screening Can Tell You

The JUDGMENTcompass Screening evaluates each of the three dimensions of Judgment. The results indicate how a person views the world, how they approach decision making, the biases they may carry, and how good their judgment is in a business setting.

The JUDGMENTcompass also creates a picture of how a person sees themselves, their role, and their future. It can help identify possible areas of concern with regard to how a person will work within your corporate structure.

Keep in mind that not every candidate needs to have perfect judgment. Such a thing doesn’t really exist. Instead, they need to have judgment skills that line up with the job you’re asking them to do. The more complex the job, the more important good Judgment skills become.

The JUDGMENTcompass is one of a few assessments for hiring used by Level Up Leadership. We are currently offering a free DISCcompass assessment to potential clients. To learn more, or to request your assessment, give our office a call today.

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