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What Pre-Hire Assessments Really Do

hiring assessments

Pre-hire employee assessments are an incredibly helpful tool for business owners. New hire assessments make it easier for employers to get a real sense of just how effective a new person might be within their company. Take a look at these three important ways that new hire assessments make the hiring process easier, more cost-effective, and more successful.

  1. Determining a potential hire’s personal characteristics.

Many companies rely on the interview process to get a sense of just how personable a new hire is. They ask questions about work ethic and hobbies to get a sense of what people are like, and in the end, most human resources personnel end up relying on their gut feelings to determine whether or not a person is hirable.

This is an incredibly ineffective way of determining whether a person will be a good fit for the job at hand. As much as we like to think so, most people simply are not very good judges of character. Pre-hire assessments take personal biases out of the equation and provide a much more accurate sense of a person’s true character.

  1. Determining a potential hire’s skills.

HR departments tend to rely much too heavily on a person’s resume to tell them how skilled that person is. One of the main problems with this is that it’s very easy to lie on a resume. Pre-hire assessments can be used to determine the actual skills of a person coming into a new job. Particularly if the job requires strength in a technical skill or a characteristic like strong attention to detail, hiring assessments can be vital for finding people who actually have the skills that you need.

  1. Determining whether a potential hire will be a good fit with the company.

During the hiring process you may find people who have great personalities and are a good skills fit with the job at hand. However, if those same people won’t also be a good fit with the company culture, they are unlikely to stay with your organization for very long. Help reduce turnover and ensure that your hire will be with your company for the long haul by using pre-hire assessments to determine how well a person will fit within your unique workplace culture.

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