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When People Take Time Off, It’s Good for Your Business

Employee Vacations

We’ve all heard the data that vacations are good for both physical and mental health, and happier employees are better employees. But those are far from the only ways that vacations are good for business. Here five of the business benefits of time off that you may not have considered.

1. Vacations help you hold onto top talent.

Part of the importance of time off is that it helps reduce burnout. If the people who get ahead in your company are the people who work the longest hours at the expense of a balanced life, that’s going to create a toxic culture that will ultimately drive top talent away. A vacation friendly work environment is a desirable place to work.

2. Vacations help you identify emerging leaders.

As this Forbes article points out, when a leader goes on vacation, someone has to step up to help cover their responsibilities. When leaders are allowed to take real vacations – where they fully unplug from work – those are opportunities for junior employees to show their potential and truly shine.

3. Vacations help you identify problem areas.

The same article points out that when vacations are mandatory, they can help uncover problems at your company. The article uses the extreme example of someone taking a vacation and the person who covers their duties discovering that the vacationer has been committing fraud.

The flip side of this is that when someone takes a vacation, you get a sense of just how much they contribute. If your whole business operation falls apart when one person takes a vacation, that can show you that you need to give that person more support or redistribute responsibilities in a more balanced way.

4. Vacations help level the playing field.

Whether due to illness or family issues or a new baby, taking leave from work can be a scary prospect, especially when you work someplace where the importance of vacation isn’t respected. To be clear, vacations and leave are obviously two very different things, but when the workplace culture is set up to value time off for everyone, that makes it easier to appropriately handle and support longer periods of leave when needed.

5. The benefits of trips can last for months afterward and before.

The biggest boost in happiness from taking a trip actually occurs while planning the trip. So encouraging employees to travel on their vacations can boost morale even before the trip happens.

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