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Where is Your Team Going?

Imagine you’re holding a map. You know from the map where you are, and there are roads pointing in every direction. You’re pretty sure some roads will take you back where you came from, and you think a few other roads might take you where you want to go.

Now imagine everyone in your company is holding the same map, but no one is sharing their directions. You get some idea from the roads they turn on where your co-workers might be going, but as far as you can tell, you’ve all chosen different roads and won’t be meeting up down the line anytime soon.

In business, your company’s vision is a map telling you which roads might take you forward. The goals that you set to achieve your vision are your route. You’ll likely have setbacks and missed turns along the way, but with a shared plan in place, you and your team will be able to work together from the same map with an actionable plan for moving forward.

So How Do You Plan Your Route?

It starts with creating a unified, business-wide vision. A company vision should be a grand master plan for definitive growth. The plan should be well-thought, have actionable goals, and follow a set timeline for accountability purposes. Once the big ideas are in place, smaller teams within the organization can follow a similar process for establishing methods to achieve their assigned tasks within the larger plan.

An overarching company vision is the first step, but teams must also have their own internal visions to help ensure that everyone stays on track. If a team fails to create its own goals and timelines, it’s like having a map and knowing the route, but having no vehicle to get you where you want to go.

At Level Up Leadership, we can not only help your business develop an overarching vision and strategic plan, but we can help your managers and supervisors learn how to create internal goals with and for their teams. Communication is a major part of team development, and it’s a skill that many supervisors have yet to master. Contact our consultants today to learn more about our professional development services, and we’ll help your supervisors create, read, and follow business maps that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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