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5 Sincere Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Employees

Saying thanks to employees doesn’t have to be a complicated business. As the boss, expressing gratitude at work is part of your job, and you should make a habit of it. How exactly you express gratitude is up to you, and it should be personal to your style and your office. That said, here are five ways to express gratitude in the office:

1. Send a thank you note. 

A quick email to thank a team member for exceeding a target is a great step. Even better, leave a hand-written note on their desk. Another way to do this is to send an email to your entire team congratulating the person, allowing others to join in on the praise.

2. Give small personal gifts, when appropriate.

If an employee has a baby or gets married, for example, get them a gift. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or excessively personal, but a small gift is a wonderful way to show that you appreciate the person as both an employee and as a person.

3. Give time off with no strings attached.

We often focus on gratitude for specific accomplishments, but it’s also important to show gratitude for an employee’s ongoing service to the office. One way to do that is to give time off generously and without strings when a family emergency comes up, around the holidays, or just because. If things are slow in the office and there’s nothing that can’t get done on Monday, let everyone leave early on Friday! Why not? Small acts like that are wonderful rewards that help keep everyone motivated and feeling appreciated.

4. Take employees to lunch.

Again, it’s simple – everyone already has lunch anyway – and it’s a nice little treat. It’s also a great chance to check in with your team members and make sure they’re getting the support they need. Just be considerate of your employee’s schedules! You may think a two-hour lunch is a great reward, but your employee may end up resenting you if it means they have to work two hours later that evening.

5. Delegation, raises, and promotions.

Perhaps the best way to show gratitude in the office is to reward good work with appropriate promotions and raises. Pay your employees what they’re worth, and let them know just how much you want to keep them around. If a promotion isn’t in the cards right now, giving an employee the chance to learn new skills, attend conferences, or gain a mentor are also great ways to show employee appreciation.

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