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Are You Heading for Headaches with Bad Hiring Choices?

bad hires

Companies that use traditional hiring methods often end up regretting some of their hiring decisions within a matter of weeks. Bad hires can hurt a company’s workplace morale, its productivity, and its reputation with clients.

It feels like bad hires should be easy to avoid with a bit of intuition, but hiring managers often let less than ideal candidates fall through the cracks because they aren’t looking at the whole person. They’re just assessing their biggest accomplishments and their personality in one or two interviews. As a result, issues with character, drive, and positivity can get overlooked.

CareerBuilder put together a great infographic about the costs of a bad hire. In it, they shared characteristics that employers observed in their bad hires that caused them major headaches. Those characteristics included:

  • Failure to produce quality work (63%)
  • Failure to work well with their fellow employees (63%)
  • Bad attitudes (62%)
  • Problems with attendance as soon as they came on board (56%)
  • Behavior or work that led to customer complaints (49%)
  • Failure to meet deadlines (48%)

You’ll notice that none of these problems have to do with qualifications for a position, which are the main focus of most standard interview processes. In many cases, people who are hired with these qualities were never assessed based on the whole people but rather against a checklist of required skills.

To make better hiring decisions, your HR department and hiring managers need to move their focus away from qualifications (though they are still key to a candidate’s ultimate success) and to talent, personality, and the ability to learn and grow within your organization. The way to do that is with effective hiring assessments.

Assessments for hiring give another layer of key information on top of resume stats. They let hiring managers get a sense of how motivated a person is, what drives them, how well they work with others, and how they would do working with customers. In other words, they can help you avoid all of the headaches listed above.

This month, Level Up Leadership is offering a preview of our Judgmentcompass assessment to anyone interested in learning more about assessment-based hiring. With your Judgmentcompass assessment, you’ll learn more about your own decision-making process and how that affects your work style.

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