Tips For Working At Home With Children Present

Many companies are continuing to have their employees work remotely as a safety precaution due to the unprecedented times that we are experiencing. Though there are some employees who have been enjoying the flexibility of working from home, there are also plenty of parents out there that have been struggling to have a positive work-life…

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10 Tips for Maximizing Productivity with Kids at Home

It can be tough to transition from working in the office to working from home, and it can be even more difficult trying to work remotely when your kids are at home with you. Trying to be productive when there are a million distractions around you isn’t easy – we get it. Luckily, there are…

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Transitioning Your Work Schedule as Kids Head Back to School

The start of the school year is quickly approaching for kids all over the country, and with the start of the school year comes a dramatic change in many family’s schedules. Transitioning from “summer mode” to “school mode” can be difficult, and it may take some time to adjust especially during these uncertain times. If…

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How to Help Your Team Be More Productive While Working From Home

A lesser-known (but very powerful) holiday that comes around each year on June 20th is World Productivity Day. Being productive (and continuing to stay productive) is something that many people struggle with whether it be in their personal lives or while working. With countless people having to switch over to working from home in recent…

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Simple Ways to Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace

There are plenty of things that you can do as a manager to get more out of your employees, but many of those options can end up being demotivating and ultimately counterproductive. For example, being more available to your team could help foster productivity, but if “leadership” crosses over to “micromanagement,” that’s going to destroy…

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better work life balance
Achieving Better Work-Life Balance as a Leader

As a manager, executive, or the head of your own business, it can sometimes feel impossible to separate yourself from work and find time for you. If you’re a parent or caregiver, the challenge only gets worse, as time spent outside of the office is rarely time spent on yourself. If worklife balance is something…

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Employee Vacations
When People Take Time Off, It’s Good for Your Business

We’ve all heard the data that vacations are good for both physical and mental health, and happier employees are better employees. But those are far from the only ways that vacations are good for business. Here five of the business benefits of time off that you may not have considered. 1. Vacations help you hold…

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