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Encourage Education, Empower Employees

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In many businesses, learning in the workplace is limited to required safety training and on-the-job training. But both employees and employers can benefit from a more comprehensive education in the workplace plan.

A study performed by Spherion Atlantic Enterprises found that employees who have the chance to get training, visit conferences, or earn degrees while working a full-time job are likely to be happier, better producers, and more loyal to their company. In fact, 61% of the survey respondents who received training said that they were very likely to remain with their employer for five years or more.

In other words, providing your employees with opportunities to further their education and gain new skills not only makes them better at their jobs but also makes them more likely to stick with your company.

Expand Learning Opportunies, Expand Your Business

If you’re looking for new methods of improving workplace culture, expanding opportunities for learning should be near the top of your list. Of course, there may be an upfront investment on the part of employers, but those investments will pay huge dividends in terms of morale, productivity, and the continuing success of your business.

And keep in mind that helping your employees improve their education doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pay for them to earn a Master’s degree or doctorate.  Beyond degrees and certificates, there are a number of opportunities to provide your employees with continuing education throughout their careers. For example, if there is a valuable conference or seminar within your industry, you can provide promising employees with the opportunity to attend. You can also internalize education by creating a lecture series within your own company. Executives and people with unique skill sets could teach classes to their coworkers, providing everyone with the benefit of their experience at virtually no cost.

The key thing to remember is that when employees are learning and growing, it doesn’t just benefit one person.  Instead, the benefits are reaped company-wide as employees become more skilled, increasingly loyal, and happier at their places of work.  And, as Jack Welch so wisely surmised, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

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