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Here’s to You! It’s Time to Celebrate Success

It’s a situation we’ve all experienced: You go above and beyond, creating a presentation or delivering on a project, and once all is said and done, you’re thrilled with what you’ve accomplished. Then you take your work to your boss and get a, “Fine. Now I want you to do this…”

Few work experiences are as de-motivating.

As employers and as employees, taking the time to celebrate our success is incredibly important. From the employer standpoint, celebrating success in the workplace lets your employees know that what they do is valued and appreciated. Yes, you pay your employees for their work, but payment alone is not enough to motivate a person. Employers who express gratitude and praise for a job well done are more likely to inspire better work out of their employees over the long term. Plus, taking a moment to celebrate with your employees is liberating. It’s a chance to blow off steam and build up energy for the next project on the table.

From the employee standpoint, taking time to celebrate your own successes is a chance to take a breath, a chance to step back and allow yourself to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Even if your boss doesn’t take the time to appreciate your work, make a point of celebrating success at work with your loved ones and with yourself.

When your team’s goal planning pays off and you accomplish something great (or even something small), consider celebrating in one of the following ways:

Give merit-based bonuses to employees who go above and beyond. The occasional bonus, even a small bonus, can be extremely gratifying, and the gesture shows that you’ve noticed the hard work your people have put in.

Pay for your team to go out to dinner. Food is one of the greatest motivators, and nothing brings a team together faster than sharing a meal together.

Write a note. A hand-written note delivered to each of your team members is a thoughtful gesture that they’ll be able to hold onto. It shows that you care, and it brings a personal touch to the celebration.

Say it.  Use words of recognition, praise and encouragement to not only identify the ways in which your employees excelled, but also to give thanks and to motivate.

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