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In Order to Change, You Must Know What to Change

Personal Development Assessments

Various studies have shown that only about 30% of the American workforce is engaged in their work. That means that many of us have lost our passion for what we do (if we ever had it in the first place). We lost our sense of accomplishment from our careers. And we often feel stagnant.

It’s time to break the cycle.

If you want to enjoy your work and have passion for what you do, no one is going to hand you your dream job. You need to make yourself the professional who deserves the big promotion. You need to gain the skills and know-how necessary for success. You need to take your career into your own hands by focusing on your personal development.

This is easier said than done. With all the demands of modern life, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for the work, family, and personal tasks already on your plate. How can you expect to make time for personal development? Where would you even begin?

This is where a personal and objective look at your unique strengths and vulnerabilities can help.

Professionally administered assessments can help you get a clear, unbiased sense of your personal strengths, areas of weaknesses, and your passions and values. By better understanding what makes you tick and what has the potential to hold you back, you can take active steps toward targeted change that supports your work and life goals more efficiently and effectively.

Personal assessments are sometime just seen as a snapshot of who are you but in fact, they are powerful tools for change. They provide a metaphorical map of where you are in your career and where you could go with the right steps. They are much more effective than self-assessment, because we often see ourselves through rose-colored glasses or maybe we are much harder on ourselves than we really should be. We can also be ill-equipped to understand not just what we value but why we value it and how we can incorporate the things that are most important to us into our work lives.

With your personal assessment “map” in hand, you can start to choose your direction. You can figure out where to focus your attention, what goals to set first, and how to make the necessary changes to get from the job you have to the job you really want. It all starts with you.

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