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Individualizing the Onboarding Process

individualizing onboarding process

Effective employee onboarding is usually a one-size-fits-all experience. It is important to have a standard process for training and welcoming new employees, but once you have that standard in place, don’t overlook opportunities for individualizing employee onboarding. Making the experience as personal as possible helps new employees feel even more welcome and valued. Here are a few simple suggestions or customizing the employee on boarding process.

  1. Have the new employee trained by their immediate supervisor.

This may already be the case within your organization, and if so, that’s great. Many large organizations rely on HR personnel to train new employees, and this often leads to a lack of understanding as to expectations within their unique role. Having the boss train the new employee helps them feel more valuable and also provides clearer insights as to what is expected of them, their responsibilities, and their work style. It also shows that the boss cares enough about this new person to take the time to get to know them.

  1. Ask directly how the new employee works best.

An added benefit of having the new hire’s boss train them is that the boss can then ask questions about how the employee learns best, their preferred work process, and the type of management management style they most respond to. Getting this information up front should lead to a stronger working relationship over the long run.

  1. Take time for their questions and to learn their interests.

As you welcome a new employee, take the time to get to know them and find out what questions they might have for you. If you find out that they have kids, show them your employee daycare center. If you find out that they enjoy basketball, introduce them to your department’s intramural basketball team.

  1. Pair new employees with an appropriate mentor.

Based on what you know of their experiences and desired career path, introduce your new hire to a buddy or mentor that you think they might have a lot in common with. Providing new hires with a mentor in your business gives them someone to immediately relate to and hopefully respect. Mentors can help new employees feel at home and show them the possibilities of long term growth within your organization.

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