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Leap over Common Hiring Hurdles and Secure Top Talent

Hiring new employees is a lot like dating. When you try to find a potential mate, you go on dates with people that you find attractive to see if there’s a good fit. However, that fit can’t be one-sided: your date is also trying to decide whether or not you are attractive to them. It’s the same way with hiring top talent. Your HR department needs to be able to identify people who will be most helpful to your business while also showing potential hires the value of coming to work for you.

Finding Attractive Candidates

Your HR department’s primary challenge is finding people who will be assets to your company. Many HR professionals make the mistake of working off of gut instincts and resumes alone. This often leads to hiring people who seem good on paper but aren’t ultimately a good fit with your business.

An essential factor in attracting and retaining top talent is making sure that you know exactly who you are hiring and what you’re hiring them for. Just because someone is a great people-person doesn’t mean they will be a very good programmer. Likewise, if someone was excellent at their design job, that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to effectively manage other designers.

Our assessment services can give you a solid sense of not only the talents of your potential hires, but their personal character. Our assessments dig deeper into personal psyche than standard interview questions, giving you a better sense of who it is that you’re hiring.

Showing Candidates that You’re Attractive

Finding the right candidate is only one side of the coin. The other side is showing them why they should work for your company. During the hiring process, this can mean different things to different candidates. For some people, the right benefits package is going to make all the difference. For others, giving them a solid sense of your corporate culture will be essential to winning them over. Ultimately, you want to be reasonably sure that the person you hire will fit in well with the dynamic that you’ve created within your company, but you should also be willing to work with new hires to help create an attractive work situation.

<h2>Using Assessment Tools Can Help you Hire Top-Notch Employees</h2>

At Level Up Leadership, we offer assessment tools to help you evaluate your company culture and figure out what you can do to better retain and motivate your top employees. This might mean adjusting your work arrangements to allow for telecommuting or altering your company structure to help employees who don’t currently have a strong voice within your company get their ideas heard.  Learn more about how to attract and be attractive to top talent by contacting our team today.

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