Make Your Meetings More Dynamic with these 5 Tips 3 Ways Bad Hires Really Cost Your Company

Pre-Hire Assessments: Avoid Regret and Find the Right Match

You’ve worked hard to ensure that your company culture is strong. You’ve built a great team and have put people in the right positions for their personal success as well as the best interest of your business; but now it’s time to hire someone new.

Bringing on new team members can be a great opportunity to strengthen your organization and move your company forward, but new hires also come with quite a bit of risk. If you bring on the wrong person, you might end up weakening your company and costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars if the employee leaves, or worse, you have to fire them.

This is why pre-hire assessments are such a valuable tool. At Level Up Leadership, we help companies assess potential hires throughout the interview process. By having interviewees fill out simple, short online assessments, we’re able to give companies a a more complete sense of who it is they are considering hiring.

Revealing the Whole Person, Not Just Skills

The traditional interview process can tell you a lot about what a person has done and where they come from, but it does little to illuminate a person’s character, their passions, and their values. Our employee assessments help companies get insight into all these factors, giving them the tools they need to better evaluate potential employees before making any offers.

Consider this: A client of ours once interviewed a candidate who they thought was the absolute perfect fit for the position they had open. The person had all the right experience to do the job they were looking to fill. However, after completing our pre-hire assessments, we found that the candidate in question actually had some trouble with goal setting and problem solving. We pointed out these potential trouble areas to our client and provided them stretageic questions for their next interview with the candidate in question. With our guidance, the company was able to probe a little more deeply into the goal setting and problem solving skills of this candidate, and found that the candidate was actually lacking in key areas which were not only important, but imperative to the job. As a result, the company chose not to hire the candidate.  They explained our asssessments and insights were not only valuable, but also helped them avoid making a bad hiring decision.

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