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Simple Ways You Can Create a Culture of Gratitude

expressing gratitiude at work

Studies on employees in different age categories have routinely found more commonalities than differences. One study in particular found that Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials all highly value inspirational leadership. Inspirational leaders are creative, they command respect, and they know how to express gratitude.

Improving Company Culture with Gratitude

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company culture, your first step should be finding ways of expressing gratitude at work. According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent survey of 2,000 American employees found that almost everyone agrees that thankful bosses are more successful. However, the same survey found that only about 10% of business people will act on their impulse to express thanks on any given day.

Company culture is an extremely tough nut to crack. There are all sorts of facets to take into consideration, ranging from the particular values of your company to the unique motivations of your employees. But regardless of whether you run a two-person online store or a multinational conglomerate, thanking employees is always going to help improve your work environment.

Employees who receive regular recognition for their work tend to feel more connected to their bosses and to their companies. They are more likely to be engaged by what they do and to be productive and prompt. Plus, employees who are happy and satisfied at work are likely to spread that good feeling to their fellow workers and to customers that they interact with.

Ways to Express Gratitude to Employees

There are a lot of different ways that you can incorporate gratitude into your company culture. Strategies range from employee recognition programs to performance-based raises and bonuses to congratulatory parties. But at the heart of all of these efforts should be the sincere gratitude of the management.

Teach your executives to both take note of and offer recognition for the great work done by their employees. Invest in leadership courses to demonstrate in quantitative and qualitative terms just how beneficial a culture of regular and honest recognition can be.

Your managers and executives don’t all have to show gratitude in the same way. For one boss, a heartfelt handshake could be just as rewarding to employees as a celebratory lunch. Just make sure that your approach to gratitude aligns with and exemplifies the values of your company and of your valued employees.

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