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DISCcompass screening
Using DISCcompass Assessments to New Hire Fit

DISCcompass assessments can be a powerful tool for improving workplace culture and making better hiring decisions. It is one of a few different assessments for hiring that gives managers a much stronger understanding of top candidates than interviews or resumes alone can. DISCcompass assesses a person’s behavioral style within work environments. It helps determine a…

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JUDGMENTcompass screening
What is JUDGEMENTcompass Screening?

A JUDGEMENTcompass Screening is an assessment administered online in order to help your human resources department make better hiring decisions. Hiring assessments are important tools for evaluating candidates in a way that is fair, methodical, and much more effective than traditional screening processes. The JUDGMENTcompass Screening is usually used early in the hiring process to…

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hiring assessments
Want Better Hires? Turn to a Better Hiring Process

Virtually every business has felt the effects of a bad hire. The wrong person for a job can have a detrimental effect on company morale, scare away potential clients, and even cause lawsuits. The real costs of hiring someone who isn’t right for your company can be staggering. In fact, 41% of surveyed businesses say…

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better hiring decisions
Hiring Assessments: Beyond the Skills Match

Hiring assessments are a powerful tool for determining a person’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to job performance. But perhaps just as importantly, assessments for hiring can also be used to determine whether a person will be a good fit with company’s culture. More specifically, an assessment can help determine whether a person will…

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When hiring managers employ effective assessments, they can then set aside their personal biases and use a standard metric for judging people’s abilities and weaknesses.
Using Assessments for Better Hiring

Did you know that the average corporate job opening attracts 250 applications? That’s a huge number of resumes to sift through. Within that group of 250 – and many jobs attract far more applicants – there are certain to be numerous highly qualified individuals, which is great news for employers. So why do so many…

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