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3 Tips to Enable Your Employees Growth through Mentorship

Companies can’t grow unless their employees grow with them. There are of course a number of ways that you can help your employees grow over the course of 2015: goal planning, open communication, and performance reviews are all high on the list. However, one of the most significant ways that employers can help their employees…

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Inspirational Words to Follow When Setting Goals in the Workplace

At Level Up Leadership, we are big believers in the importance of goal setting. The word goal gets thrown around quite a bit, and usually when people use it they’re not actually talking about goals. They’re talking about wishful thinking. Saying you want to lose five pounds is a wish statement. Losing five pounds becomes…

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5 Quotes to Inspire Professional Success

Setting goals is easy. Sticking to your goals isn’t. Effective goal planning takes dedication, motivation, patience, and perseverance. If your approach to goal planning is simply to think about something you’d like to achieve and then hope that it happens, you’re in for a rough ride. People who regularly achieve their goals are people who…

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Dream Big to Fulfill Your Goals

If you made any New Year’s resolutions this year, you probably forgot about them a few months ago. Achieve with Maggie shared a great infographic back in January about resolutions and goal setting. According to the article, about 8 in 10 people feel like their life lacks an overall goal. Of the people who do…

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