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Right Action = Desired Results

Here at Level Up Leadership, we use a very simple formula for achieving desired results: Right Action = Desired Results One equals the other. To get your desired results, all you need to do is take the right actions. It may sound like we’re oversimplifying, but that’s really all there is to it. If you…

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Getting Your Employees to Set Achievable Goals

Here at Level Up Leadership we have a formula we like to use to represent the process for setting professional goals. It looks like this: Attitude(Knowledge x Skills) + Goals = Positive Behavior Change = Improved Results Or put more simply: A(KS) + G = PBC = IR Let’s break this down piece by piece.…

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3 Tips to Enable Your Employees Growth through Mentorship

Companies can’t grow unless their employees grow with them. There are of course a number of ways that you can help your employees grow over the course of 2015: goal planning, open communication, and performance reviews are all high on the list. However, one of the most significant ways that employers can help their employees…

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