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Understanding Your Employees' Needs
Understanding Your Employees’ Unique Needs and Skills

People are different. As a leader, you may have a particular style, particular strengths, and a particular way of doing things. That is likely to line up nicely with the particular styles and strengths of some of your employees, but not all or even most of them. As the boss, it’s part of your job…

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good workplace relationships
Relationship Breakdown at Work? These 5 Steps May Provide Insight

The process of forming a new relationship can be broken down into five steps: judging, understanding, appreciating, respecting, and finally valuing. Whenever you form a relationship with a new person, you’ll go through these steps. Whatever step you end on will determine how strong your relationship will be. The problem with many workplace relationships is…

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resolve workplace conflict
Using Team Assessments to Identify Issues & Resolve Conflicts

Any time you get a group of people together, personalities are going to clash. Especially in the business world where everyone wants to show that they have something unique to offer, differing opinions and work styles are bound to come into conflict. If you’re a team leader, those internal team conflicts can seriously derail your…

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What You Need to Know about Team Assessments

Personal assessments have clear benefits in the business world. With good personal assessments, you can gain a better understanding of your unique work style, what drives you to succeed, and how you approach decision making. But what about team assessments? How do assessments for teams take those personal benefits and expand them to the people…

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Part Two: 3 Steps to Stop Initiative Killers and Create Better Culture

In the first part of this series, we discussed how leadership assessments can help managers and executives become aware of behaviors that might kill initiative in the workplace. Once leaders are aware of problems with their leadership style, the next step is to understand why their team responds negatively to their behavior. Every Team is…

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Are These Initiative Killers Present in Your Company?

Initiative in the workplace is essential to the growth and success of your company. Employees who take initiative are the ones who will help you spark new ideas, reach your goals more quickly, and push your business into the future. Unfortunately, in many workplaces initiative is stifled by a number of common initiative killers. Take…

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