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using vacation days
Why Don’t We Use Our Vacation Days?

The importance of taking time off is well documented. The occasional vacation clears the mind, rejuvenates the spirit, and improves overall health. People who take vacations report being more productive at work, because they are less stressed and lead more balanced lives. So why do so many Americans fail to use their vacation days? In…

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rest and productivity
Want to be More Productive? This is What You May be Missing

When we fall behind at work — which for many of us feels like a daily occurrence — our tendency is to feel like we have to then our hours, do away with personal time, and push even harder. But this thinking actually contributes more to the problem. Working non-stop without a break is actually…

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vacation statistics
Are These 5 Employee Vacation Statistics Surprising?

The summer is finally here! That means vacation, right? Maybe not… You might be surprised to learn that while we here in America claim to love our summer breaks, employee vacation statistics tell a different story. Compared to other top economies throughout the world, we have some of the most restrictive policies about vacation out…

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