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Using DISCcompass Assessments to New Hire Fit

DISCcompass screening

DISCcompass assessments can be a powerful tool for improving workplace culture and making better hiring decisions. It is one of a few different assessments for hiring that gives managers a much stronger understanding of top candidates than interviews or resumes alone can.

DISCcompass assesses a person’s behavioral style within work environments. It helps determine a person’s ideal work culture, their preferred work style, and their strengths within an office setting. DISC stands for Dominate (fast paced and task oriented), Influential (fast paced and people oriented), Steady (slow paced and people oriented), or Conscientious (slow paced and task oriented). Most people will fall into one of the four categories, and none of the categories are better or worse than the others. That said, which category a person falls into can tell you a lot about how well they would perform in a given position.

What the DISCcompass Teaches

Understanding of Self – The assessment helps people get a better understanding of their behavior style. Most of us have a sense of how we prefer to work, but we may not understand why or what would help us do better. This assessment lays all of that out for you.

Understanding Others – You’ll learn about the other behavior types and how to identify them amongst your co-workers.

Adapting to Others – With the knowledge of your own behavioral style, you’ll learn how you interact with other behavior types and how you could improve those interactions. Used wisely, this information can go a long way toward improving company morale.

Using the DISCcompass in Hiring

The DISCcompass is one of the more powerful hiring assessments. With the information that it provides about a candidate’s preferred work style, your hiring manager can gain a sense of whether an individual would thrive within a particular work environment. Combined with the JUDGMENTcompass and PASSIONcompass, a complete view of the candidate’s abilities should emerge, creating a clear picture of that person’s potential within your organization.

Of course, good old fashioned interviews can and should be used alongside assessments to talk out any areas of concern and gain a better understanding of actual job skills.  But here’s the key when used together, your interviews can be much more effective because you can interview the candidates based on a real sense of their strengths and vulnerabilities rather than what they tell you in the resume or application.  And, in many cases, you can target your interview questions directly to information garnered through the assessment process.

We’re currently offering a free sample DISCcompass assessment to potential clients to show them just how powerful this tool is. To sign up for your free assessment, visit this page on our website.

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