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Using Team Assessments to Identify Issues & Resolve Conflicts

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Any time you get a group of people together, personalities are going to clash. Especially in the business world where everyone wants to show that they have something unique to offer, differing opinions and work styles are bound to come into conflict.

If you’re a team leader, those internal team conflicts can seriously derail your projects. But differences are also where creativity thrives. You can’t exactly have an innovative or exceptional team if every person on it acts and thinks exactly the same way. You need those personality differences and varied viewpoints to come up with the best ideas.

So how can you turn the different personalities and work styles represented on your team into an asset rather than a liability?

The answer is team assessments.

Team building assessments like DISC, JUDGEMENTcompass, and PASSIONcompass give each member of your team an unbiased perspective of their personality type, work style, decision-making style, and more. Team assessments also give you – the team leader – an overhead view of how these personal assessments come together to form the components of your team. You’ll get a clear view of how your team members work, their strengths, and their vulnerabilities.

This perspective is invaluable for identifying potential sources of conflict as well as potential sources of synergy. Assessments for teams are tantamount to being given the answer key before the test. You’ll have all the information you need to organize your team in ways that utilize everyone’s strengths and minimize your team’s liabilities.

You’ll also be able to share that information with your team so that each person can better understand and respect the people they are working with. People who used to butt heads might realize why their communication styles conflict and finally be able to communicate in ways that one another understands. Empowered by information, relationships will strengthen and differences will naturally grow into assets.

Team assessments aren’t going to solve all your problems for you, but they will give you the information you need to understand the root of your team problems and how they can be addressed in the future.

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