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Ways That You Can Build Trust With Your Team While They Work Remotely

One of the best ways to form strong connections with others is to build trust with them. Not only is this true in personal relationships but in work relationships as well. Unfortunately, this year has made it somewhat difficult to form trust with employees as many of us have transitioned from seeing one another in the office each day to only communicating virtually. Though building trust virtually is going to look a little different than building trust face-to-face, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less important. In fact, according to The Ken Blanchard Company, 45% of employees say lack of trust in leadership is the biggest issue impacting their work performance.

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to build trust with your team while they work remotely, we have some ideas that may be able to help:


Communication is a key factor in building trust with your team as it allows you all to share ideas, stay up-to-date on current work projects, and check in with one another. Some of your employees (especially the ones who aren’t the most tech-savvy) may be struggling to adjust to working from home, and will need the support of their team members now more than ever. Make sure that you’re taking time out to connect with your employees, and check in on them. Ask them if they’re feeling overwhelmed, and if they are, help them out. Listen to any ideas that your employees may have and encourage open communication. Giving your employees the chance to express themselves will not only let them know that they’re being heard, but will also help you to grow that all-important trust.

Get to Know Your Team on a Personal Level

Another great way that you can build trust with your team is by getting to know them on a personal level outside of work. One thing that many companies have started doing is hosting virtual happy hours. To do this, set a day and a time where you and your team will hop on Zoom and partake in a happy hour together. Have everyone grab a beverage of their choice, keep the work-related conversations to a minimum, and instead, just enjoy getting to know one another on a personal level. The more that you all can connect as human beings instead of just as coworkers, the more trust you’ll have with one another. 

Don’t Hover

The final way that you can build trust with your team (and maybe the most important way) is to let your employees have some space while they’re working. It’s easy to get caught up in the habit of constantly checking up on your employees and their work, but this will only lead to your team feeling like you don’t trust them. If your employees have proven to you in the past that they are efficient workers and that they are capable of completing their work in a timely manner, give them some space to do their work and have faith in their abilities. Remember, there’s a difference between asking your employees if they need a helping hand and asking them over and over again about the status of their work. If your team knows that you have faith in them and trust them, they’ll likely reciprocate that trust. 
Building trust with your remote team takes hard work and dedication, and is a new thing for many of us. If you find that you’re struggling with finding your footing in regards to situational leadership during this time, our team at Level Up Leadership would be happy to help. Believe it or not, leadership is, in fact, a learned skill, and with our professional development services, you can become a more effective leader, capable of motivating teams, inspiring confidence, and, most importantly, commanding allegiance. Contact us today to get started!

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