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Why Communication in the Workplace is Vital During Times of Change

Being able to openly communicate with your team is one of the most crucial skills that a leader can possess, especially during times of change. Chances are, your company (like most companies) has probably been going through significant changes over the course of the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s vital that your team members feel comfortable with and understand the changes that are being made so that they don’t begin to feel overwhelmed and/or stressed out. You, as a leader, play a huge role in helping your team adjust during times of change and uncertainty, and can ensure that things go as smoothly as possible by having open and honest communication with your team.

It’s normal for your employees to have concerns and questions during times of change. It can be hard to get used to a new work environment (remote work) and/or work routine, but it can go more smoothly when leaders can effectively communicate with their team so that they can better understand how these changes will work, and why they’re being implemented.

According to the Ken Blanchard Companies, people experience five levels of concern about change: 

  • Information Concerns: May include questions such as, “what is the change?” and “why now?”.
  • Personal Concerns: These questions would be along the lines of, “how will this affect me personally?”.
  • Implementation Concerns: You would hear questions such as, “how are we going to do this?” or “who can help me?”.
  • Impact Concerns: Some examples of impact concerns would be, “is the change effort worth it?” and “has anyone figured this out?”.
  • Refinement Concerns: These include, “how can we do this better or faster?”.

Consider holding a Zoom meeting with your team when you know that your company will soon be going through a time of transition. Go around and ask each individual team member if they have any questions or concerns, and in turn, try to answer their questions and make them feel more comfortable. As a leader, you’re someone who your employees look up to, and trust to guide them in the right direction. Just remember, one of the most important things to having a positive workplace culture and building trust with your employees is having open and honest communication.

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