The research is clear. People don't quit their jobs, they quite their managers. At Level Up Leadership, we provide our clients with powerful tools and resources to create impactful leaders with the skills they need to motivate teams, maximize productivity and cultivate loyalty.

Better Hires

Personal bias is the greatest barrier to successful hiring practices. Using our powerful suite of pre-hire assessments you can remove implicit bias from your hiring process so that you find candidates who will be successful, enjoy working for you, and become long-term assets for your organization.

Better Communication

Research out of Stanford revealed that 9 out of 10 conversations miss their mark! It’s no wonder that many organizations report that communication is one of their top challenges. Working with the principles of Conversational Intelligence™, you can ensure you and your team’s communication facilitates open and honest conversations throughout your organization.

Better Leadership

Leaders take heed of this: a Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the number one reason people quit their jobs is bad management. Leadership is, in fact, a learned skill. With our professional development services, you can become a more effective leader, capable of motivating teams, inspiring confidence, and, most importantly, commanding allegiance.

Level Up Leadership

Aspire to Better

Any business can be better and the best organizations are always looking for ways to improve their results. The companies that are most successful – the Googles and Amazons of the world – are the ones that never settle for the status quo. These companies regularly self-examine, seeking to understand both their strengths and vulnerabilities, and put what they learn to work.

At Level Up Leadership, we partner with you to do the same. We provide an invaluable, objective outside perspective on the workings of your company, helping you see it through fresh eyes. With our professional development and organizational assessments, we help you gauge the temperament of your organization and provide you with a roadmap for putting the right people in the right positions.

We work with you and your employees to open lines of communication at every level of your organization. Often the best ideas come from the bottom, not the top. With better pathways for people to speak up and a willingness to listen, we work with you to discover resources and ideas that might otherwise remain hidden within your business.

With our professional development services, we give you the tools to create stronger leaders. Our coaching helps you capitalize on your strengths and improve your weaknesses so you can become a better, more effective leader in your company.

Why Our Work Matters

Of Employees

do not have passion for the work they’re doing.

Of Companies

are struggling when it comes to hiring top talent.

Of New Hires

leave their jobs after 6 months time.

Of Workers

report that they’d work harder if they felt appreciated and recognized.

Of People

report that when they get along with their leadership, their performance improves.

Of Leaders

say that they do not have a solid leadership development path.

How We Help

  • Reduced employee turnover. A lost executive can cost over 200% of their salary, which is an entirely sunk cost.
  • Improved employee engagement. Disengaged employees cost the US economy $450-$550 billion
  • Better workplace culture, which saves up to 50% on healthcare costs and improves productivity.
  • Greater career satisfaction. Employees and leaders thrive when they find work that suits them and are given opportunities to excel.

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