Level Up Leadership

Level Up Leadership was founded in 2010 with a simple goal; to work with leaders and their organizations in the best ways possible to improve their results. We achieve that goal by using highly effective individual and organizational assessments, comprehensive leadership training, and a specific methodology that improves the communication of leaders and employees.  All of our solutions lead to greater employee satisfaction, greater productivity and thus, better results. Level Up Leadership also works with individuals, showing them how they can excel in their careers by helping them understand how their potential limitations can create weaknesses and by maximizing their personal strengths.

Meet Our President
Joy Stroud Ruhmann has studied human and organizational behavior throughout her life and began her consulting career in early 2001 when she began learning about the power of the tools she uses today.   With formal certifications in a variety of personal and organizational assessment tools and methodologies, Joy has developed a unique model for helping individuals and teams better understand themselves so they can work toward more positive outcomes.

Prior to starting Level Up Leadership, Joy worked in several executive roles within the financial services sector. During those years, she regularly participated in personnel hiring and training before and after joining the ranks of the C-suite.

  • Her most recent certification includes the inaugural class led by Judith E. Glaser on her seminal work with Conversational Intelligence™.
  • The Compass Suite of Personal Assessments which includes the DISC Model of Human Behavior, the Passioncompass, which highlights the keys to motivating others and our most powerful profile, the Judgmentcompass, a powerful tool that highlights the key talents that all employees bring to their positions. For use in Professional Development, Joy is certified to use the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmark 360° and the Bar-on Emotional Intelligence 360.
  • She is also a Certified Axiometric Analyst and holds a Masters in the Technology of Participation®.

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